Eating To Win

“Let Your Food Be Your Medicine….

Let Your Medicine Be Your Food”   …Hippocrates

If one keeps doing what their doing, they will stay the same, or get worse. If one ignores handling their finances, they will be broke. If one ignores their relationship of diet and disease prevention,they can create havoc with their health.  Persons can choose to have either optimal, or sub optimal health based on their decisions.

How do you know how your doing? How are you feeling? What do your medical test reveal? Are you on any prescription drugs? Are you aware of the side effects of those drugs? The answer is simple. If your feeling good, you have good health, you do not have any disease or chronic conditions, you are doing well. If you are not feeling well, have disease conditions,(obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, gallbladder or kidney stones,arthritis, to name a few) whatever your doing is not working, and will not get better on its own!

Eating to win is not difficult in principle, but may be difficult for some to practice. Good health & abundant energy are not an accident, but the result of healthy living and proper nourishment. Poor eating and lack of knowledge can contribute to low energy, and lifestyle related diseases such as obesity, diabetes, some types of cancer, and many other disease related illnesses. The nutritional insult resulting from processed food, still remains intellectually ignored.

• Has your get up and go, got up and gone?

• Do you want to feel and look better now?

• Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

• Do you want to turn back the clock?

• Are you fed up with diet after diet?

• Do you want to stop digging your grave with your fork?

• Do you want to Eat to Win?

* Do you want to eat to live, instead of living to eat?

Until we decide to make changes, we will keep asking these very questions. Kim offers easy common sense approach so you can start looking and feeling better today. Kim will Teach you:

• Common Sense Approach to Eating

• Teaches you Basic Healthy Guidelines

• How to Shop at the Supermarket

• Taking control of your bad habits

• What foods provide energy

• What is the secret to effective weight loss and weight management?

• How to Order In Restaurants

• How to plan your meals

. Designing healthy recipes

• How to take control of your eating now, and so much more!

Kim, a former health food store owner has more than 25 years of experience.  Kim has the knowledge and expertise not only in the field of fitness,but in the area of coaching her clients how to enhance their eating and lifestyle choices. See link to testimonies on this home page. Kim can help you get started today!


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* Please note- There is no guarantee to ones results with Kickwithkim LLC  healthy eating or fitness programs.

* Kickwithkim LLC programs are  not intended to diagnose,treat, or cure any disease or health conditions. Always check with your Dr. before beginning any new exercise or new food program. Kim is not a licensed nutritionist ,dietitian, or physical therapist.