Aquatic Training

Kim’s pool class

Aquatic exercise are valuable and effective alternative to indoor programs.
Water exercise reduces impact on joints, increases strength and flexibility.
Ideal for women and men of all levels of fitness.All classes are designed to
create muscle strength, flexibility, endurance,assist balance,and improve core strength.
A proper fitness program can be suited to fit your needs.

Pool exercises are currently at your home pool, or your community pool.

Items to bring to pool class:

Sunglasses, hat, drinking water

Kims pool class

Always eat light an hour before to keep blood sugar stable.
Dehydration can occur even when your in a pool,so remember
to always drink water before,during and after pool activity.
Always check with your Dr before beginning any new exercise program.

Call today to schedule  private pool sessions in your own pool, or a group classes in  your community pool at 561 883-7915

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